Our Long Haul team consist of loyal, responsible and passionate drivers that are specialized for this sort of job.
With all the connections spreading on Midwest and Southeast area, it keeps up supply chain close to home.
In these modern times, of rapidly growing Supply Chain, time dimension became one of the crucial factors.
Success lies in combination of proven techniques and technologies that are following the shipment at every step.
Eos Group

Why EOS ?

Our goal is to keep constant growth and justify trust of our customers by providing outstanding standard of transportation solutions followed by discipline, safety and trust. Code of business is based on professionalism conducted by our perennial experience.
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Eos Group, Inc is owned by a former truck driver and it's based in Elk Grove Village, IL area. It was founded in 2014 and throughout all these years we grew significantly. Today we are operating midsize fleet and moving thousands of loads monthly, providing best revenue for our hard-working employees and best customer service for our loyal customers.
We are owned by former truck driver, which is giving us a possibility to understand every situation on the road from your perspective. We are happy to support you on each step!
Our goal is to answer all your questions, so you can apply for job position that suits your needs, with confidence and self-esteem. Visit our FAQ page for all answers, click here .
Eos Group
Eos Group

Owner Operator

Let us be your partner in success. Leave all administrative duties to us.
Eos Group

Company Drivers

In regards to company drivers, we are trying to prove the best pay models.
Eos Group

Lease To Purchase

Our top quality equipment is optimized for highest safety and industry standards.

Eos Group, Inc

Always there to keep up with your needs in Logistics Sector. We want to Meet your Expectations and achieve highest level of customer satisfaction!
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